SC4: Sectus vs Bibarel, and other online people

Uh, and you play a very nice Cassandra, much more aggressive than mine.
I don't know what was worse about the Lizzy custom: How ugly the character was or How much the played sucked...


Jul 29, 2011 at 11:46 AM
Posted by FluffyQuack
Random recordings of a few LAN/online matches with a friend. Bibarel is the guy I played most of the matches against (the account he was using is not his. he borrowed it for these matches). I haven't played the game seriously in about 2 years before recording this, and I was probably not a very high level to begin with so don't expect any super hyper mega ultra pro skillx0rz gameplay. It's a very high quality video at least! The 5 bar matches were done on a LAN meaning near zero lag, the other matches were your usually laggy online matches.

0:00 - Sectus (Cassandra) vs Bibarel (Yoshimitsu)
1:47 - Sectus (Cassandra) vs Bibarel (Yoshimitsu)
4:26 - Bibarel (Astaroth) vs Sectus (Raphael)
5:37 - Sectus (Cassandra) vs Bibarel (Yoshimitsu)
8:09 - AlexReaper33 (Lizardman) vs Bibarel (Yoshimitsu)
9:22 - Bibarel (Yoshimitsu) vs icone115 (Ivy)
11:17 - Bibarel (Yoshimitsu) vs Sectus (Cassandra)
14:12 - Sectus (Cassandra) vs icone115 (Ivy)
16:01 - Super quick Astaroth versus Yoshicopter outtake!
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