[SC5] Meet the 'DemonHunter'

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May 2, 2012 at 12:17 PM
Posted by orcitect
Hey all!

Just a few online matches, My first 3 using Devil Jin online, Still working him out; can't do the EWGF stuff yet but I've found a few of his more damaging combos (Stole some from the 8wayrun 24/7 XBL stream. Thanks Wet_Juice_boxx!) I was finding Nightmare a little too slow so I thought I'd try Devil Jin. I like the way he juggles and such and his Tekken style high/low mixups are great! Prior to this paler 'Demon Hunter' I tried to Make Illidan from WoW (The chains and the wings just kinda fit him IMO.) So I tried to make a 'Blood Elf' Style demon hunter after seeing the tattoo that can go onto the arms, the blindfold etc. He ended up looking more like a mix of Devil Jin and a Demon Hunter in the end. The quality of the SC5 recording function is much better than what my Easy cap can manage! It gets rid of the player and custom character names unfortunately though.

Comments & Criticisms welcome!

Match 1 vs Ezio @ 0:02
Match 2 vs Ivy @ 1:33
Match 3 vs Faith - Soul of Ivy @ 4:14


Video Stats;

Game : Soul Calibur 5
Character : Nightmare
PSN : Goukitech
Date of Replays: 2nd April 2012
Video captured with SC5's inbuilt replay recording system.
Edited in Sony Vegas.
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