[SC5] Replays [6][Nightmare]

I've not been playing SC5 long enough to really know what NM's CE is capable of, I'm just guessing it worked because Sieg's isn't an 'unblockable' CE? Not sure though.
what??!!!! what happened at 1.30 !!!!! nm's should not gi other ce.. but..how?


May 13, 2012 at 8:15 PM
Posted by orcitect
Hey all! Got some more Nightmare gameplay. Getting a little better with him, I need to start following 3(B) with bA more, need to work on agA after 66B also. I've recently watched a video on 8wayrun showing that a good guard impact will net around 75 damage for 50 meter, whereas CE does 80 and takes 100 meter, so you might see a few guard impacts! There's no names because it's from SC5's output function.

Comments & Criticisms welcome!

Match 1 vs Siegfried @ 00:02
Match 1 vs Pyrrha Omega @ 02:02
Match 1 vs Ivy @ 04:07
Match 1 vs Soul of Mitsurugi @ 05:34
Match 1 vs Ezio @ 07:03


Video Stats;

Game : Soul Calibur 5
Character : Nightmare
PSN : Goukitech
Date of Replays: 13th May 2012
Video captured with SC5's inbuilt replay recording system.
Combined in Sony Vegas.
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