[SC5] Soul Failure : The Legend of Diazepam [Day 2]

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May 1, 2012 at 7:54 AM
Posted by orcitect
Hey all! Thought I'd try something different and try out a 3D fighter! Used to play Soul Calibur 2 a long time ago (As Nightmare) and it seemed like a good change from all the 2D fighters! As you can see, not off to a good start! Terribad play on my part, gotta learn the game. It's an enjoyable game!

Found that 66K6 has great mixup options, 'A' which is a counter like move (Leads into 4kA+B+K on counter hit, Or without meter A,6A,6A is probably best) and seems quite safe on block, 'B' is a nasty launcher that can lead into another with B6, B (The most damage 'combo' I've found so far is 236B6 xx B6 xx kA+B+K - Does ~100 Damage.) 'K' seems to have good recovery too. If delayed you can get crouching/while standing moves ie. While standing 'A' which is a grab, Crouch 3B which is also a 'grab' but seems to be low. Normal grab of course as well as the crouching grab. Delaying the Input after the grim stride and using B(Hold) bA is also another follow up. I'm probably overusing the shoulder barge into grim stride in these replays but it seems to have a lot of potential! Using 88A,A more as that seems useful. I still suck at getting out of pressure (Hence the perfects.) 4K,K I thought was the best 'oh crap' move to get out of pressure but that doesn't seem to be the case. Landed a few Critial Edge counters at least!

Comments & Criticisms most welcome!

Nb. Diazepam is a medicine to treat Nightmares/Night Terrors

Create a Soul #1 - Eradicus - Soul of Nightmare
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Goukitech (Eradicus) vs LittleBigMissy (Sweet Lady - Soul Of Voldo) @ 00:35
Goukitech (Eradicus) vs Sandro180 (Abix- Soul Of Natsu) @ 02:18
Goukitech (Eradicus) vs Jacksalien (Algol) @ 05:20
Goukitech (Eradicus) vs Chryzix (¢ Siegfried - Soul of Xiba) @ 07:00
Goukitech (Eradicus ) vs Mozarus(Seong Mi-na - Soul of Xiba) @ 08:48
Goukitech (Nightmare) vs Sandro180 (Abix - Soul Of Natsu) @ 10:36
Goukitech (Nightmare) vs IchSehedich55 (Sora - Soul of Viola ) @ 13:13
Goukitech (Nightmare) vs Grifyth (xD - Soul of Natsu) @ 15:17


Video Stats;

Game : Soul Calibur 5
Character : Nightmare/Soul of Nightmare
PSN : Goukitech
Date of Replays: 29th April 2012
Captured with an EasyCap via InterVideo WinDVR 3
* Audio captured with Audacity via front mic, Using a 2 RCA to 3.5mm adapator
* Combined, Edited, Cropped and de-interlace fixed within Sony Vegas (Used Vegas settings from a suggestion on another youtube vid, Settings are here: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=NHATA78X)
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