SCR 2011 Soul Calibur V Exhibition - Hilde vs Leixia(2P)

Wow, I like Lex's P2 a lot better than her P1 costume!
A hodie in this game is so weird to me, 0.O but... I want it.. on my CAS!
Why are both her outfits blue????

I know the first character i'm color changing lolz
I noticed that on mid battle the video is upside down, I didn't think it would affect it but I guess it did. XD
But arm got tired and I realized that my finger kept getting on the lense. Woops!
I'll see if I can fix it some other time on the the half I flipped. Hahaha!


Dec 18, 2011 at 4:17 AM
Posted by TagYouRPregnant
SCR Soul Calibur V Exhibition Casuals!
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