SCR Soul Calibur V Exhibition - TagYouRPregnant(Tira) vs Black Mamba(Pyrr)

PS: @Punisher - I wasn't worried about the match...the game is brand new and not even finished, everything is different and mamba is a good player over all. I was just having fun.
2p Hair is fine, for jesus sake have you not heard of roller derby. You ho's have no sense of style. That shit is supposed to look solid and pumped full of hairspray. They pony tails are like wings, just like her shoes and tiara. My gawd get a clue!
I dont think people have a clue how good this game looks till you see it in person... Videos dont do it justice.
OMG B4 I thought u where a dude Tag You just made my offline hit list you and Kayne back to Back Straight SMASH SWAG

and dont worry about that loss black mamba was the first SCIV tournament winner back in 2008 he was on G4 and everything Good try
You know, Tira's costume is actually really pretty in person.
Tira's SC4 P1 hair looked better honestly, in this it looks kinda fake.


Dec 20, 2011 at 9:22 PM
Posted by TagYouRPregnant
Me vs Black Mamba at SCR for Soul Calibur V Exhibition.
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