SCV - 2vs2 Finale Loser - Team Laponay vs Team Low tier forever

Great quality. Great matches!

Gohan was really holding it down!
talking about pyrrha, why is a team called low-tier forever using pyrrha, who is mid to top tier and extremely top tier in the annoying character list?
Nice last match. I like how fluid that ralph user's style was.
hey Pyrrha there are also A! attacks, never seen so many B attacks in my life.


Aug 26, 2012 at 9:45 AM
Posted by Black_Dog
Loser finals of the 2 vs 2 team tournament, organised during the Nocturne in Strasbourg, 08-04-2012by the RING OUT association.

Matches :

Camus(Tira) vs Aoku(Pyrrha) 00:00
Sutivu(ZWEI) vs Gohan(Raphael) 05:31
Camus(Tira) vs Gohan(Raphael) 10:57
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