SCV - Algol Combo Neta - 01

Algol is not OP, he takes more execution than 2/3's of the cast.
I agree with Fixd. You can get easily over 200 damage with full meter and a 44B starter.
Truth is though, this combo is flashy and nothing more. With 2 full meter he could've ended the opponent's live bar.
People who say he is OP need a smack to the face.
66B maybe? can anyone test that? i cant at the moment...
You missed the last hit whether on purpose or not WR8B would of worked.
The most awesome Algol combo I've seen. Needs an ender though.


Oct 22, 2012 at 10:24 PM
Posted by FinalLifeG
Reminds me of Tekken, No Aerial control!!!
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