SCV Character damage rankings

You should make a video showcasing every characters best combo to follow up GI with and best combo to follow up guard break with. And special cases if needed (e.g., difficulty, range, etc)
Force-Destruct: Nope. And you're right about the 66A+B. 3B with Ezio doing 87 damage. I'll make a revised version in a month or so in case of a patch or someone else discovers other mistakes or finds new combos.

Thank you. I was going to make metered versions too but not yet. The wall combo one might be a little difficult cause there might be crazy character specific stuff. I might do a specific starter wall combo damage ranking though. Example: 3B. But Damp's and Voldo's can't w! and be comboed off of. So idk.

I thought it was too but some characters can't do shit without it and without using a slower stronger attack as a starter(Asty).
I always thought he got more, I guess not lol. The Ezio thing I'm sure though. Ezio nets higher damage with the 66BB if he uses BE.

Nice video though, and I'd suggest making a vid on wall combo damage (meter-less) and non-wall combo damage with 1 BE/2 BE/3 BE/4BE

Also, I think that CH makes it a bit unfair, because it appears that other characters get more damage with CH.
Algol gets 87-88 with 44B. 66A+B. iFC 8B. More with a clean hit only. Haven't tested the Ezio though.
Ezio gets more damage by doing 66A+B, 3B (87 or 89 I believe)

Also, Algol gets more damage by doing 44B, 66A+B iFC 8B
Yeah, get rid of counter hit combos. and doesn't aPat have this combo too? agB bA JFT
Haha i was expecting damp to come out on top, his B!E! is nuts. But he definitely needs it though, badly.
Was interesting to watch. Maybe you could do similar rankings for NH, CH, 1 BE aso?
Any reason in particular that Viola's combo isn't Set 6B+K > 6B > 3B > AAB > 66B > 66A+BB? 108 damage. She should NOT be in 23rd place. EDIT: You split the character into two parts for whatever reason. Okay, I guess.

Raphael was also unfairly placed. A+BA enders aren't guaranteed against all characters and often whiff against the smaller members of the cast.

Also, allowing counter hits is pretty silly. Maxi's combo should be 4A+B > 66B+K if counter hits are allowed.