Tira's was by far the coolest one. I wonder if you can combo out of voldos.
Awesome. Simply awesome.
Too bad Hilde doesn't have her "Nibelung Valesti" from SC4. Maybe throwing her lance/spear and then immediately getting it back would look too weird.
you people complain to much, someone is making a game for there fans that they had no intention of making until they heard ppl really wanted another one and all you people do is complain. its a demo for crying out loud things still change. stop complaining about the game if u dnt like it keep it to urself and dnt buy it
@Miyodarius/ Sp1d3r - Agreed! If more were like Zwei's where you have to do certain things during it or if some CE's just gave a clear advantage in one spot over the other, or perhaps a certain CE had an IMP window... I feel like CE's looking cool and doing big damage just isn't enough versatility for SC5...
I hope they add one more CE for each character.
Maxi's CF outside of the grab CE's is one of the best so far.
I hope they fix some of these Critical Edges. Astaroth, Ivy, Zwei, Voldo, and Patroklos CEs are fine, but they need to get more creative with the others.


Oct 8, 2011 at 1:45 AM
Posted by Sp1d3r
Critical edges as of 10/8/2011. Get hype.

Asta 0:07
Hilde 0:16
Ivy 0:23
Maxi 0:32
Mitsurugi 0:36
Natsu 0:42
Patroklos 0:45
Pyrrha 0:56
Tira 1:02
Siegfried 1:09
Voldo 1:12
ZWEI 1:17

Do it again 0:00
11     7     2,344