SCV: Enkindu Vs WarioGamer

Astaroth Alliance

The new habitat of Wario Nation is on Soul Calibur V for the Xbox 360. Astaroth Alliance is on daily and can be found lurking around Ranked and Player Matches. All of which are A1's and are above 80% winning ratio. Beware of these gamertags.

CallOfTheMop (Currently Undefeated)
This Guy has one serious God complex too bad after playing him like 3 or 4 times you realize hes a fraud! I was looking to see if anyone had a good strtegy too piss him off and i found he has a Wikiapage omg check itout this moron is so fake check it out
Such punishment xD did he send you a rage voice message?
This video makes me sad. I just want to rid this world of fake A1's.
From WarioGamer's bio:
"LIST OF CHEAP SOUL CALIBUR 5 CHARACTERS... PATROKLOS, Z.W.E.I, NATSU, RAPHAEL, VIOLA, PYRRHA'S, SIEGFRIED, HILDE, IVY, CERVANTES, NIGHTMARE, MITSURUGI, MAXI, VOLDO, a PATROKLOS, ALGOL, DAMPIERRE, DEVIL JIN..This is a hard thought out list and these choices are 100% correct, otherwise I wouldnt post it.. and dont counter by saying Astaroth is cheap either, he is not cheap.. he can easily be rushed and spammed and easy to block his attacks"

Honestly, I want to believe this whole thing is just an act, but lex parsimoniae--it's more likely he's just severely autistic.
I'm glad I finally saw him rage quit. Also, he complains about nearly every character being 'cheap' except for Astaroth.
good to know your still alive Enk
This guy is a regular ragequitter Enk
It's like Mike Tyson fighting an infant


Mar 6, 2013 at 4:35 AM
Posted by Enkindu
I'm sure you've seen this guy. He's got a great record so he should be amazing right? No :[
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