SCV - Legendary Souls - aPat - 01

Cool, thanks for the link :)
This started out, in my head, as a challenge to aPat players... but when i put up the video and wrote the description, I realized how open/non-specific it sounded... and i liked it better that way.
I also realized that recording and uploading a video like this isn't that easy. So kudos to anyone that does it :) If anybody needs help with that, please leave a comment on the youtube page.
there is a whole thread concerning legendary souls and times people get
as far as I remember, the best time I've seen is a bit under 6 min with viola

mine is 8:30 with Natsu, i have a photo of it but can't post it here

anyway, check out that thread
lol :) At least one more. Obviously I need to work on... a lot of things haha >_<
since it's titled 01, i expect at least 9 more :P
Not with aPat I can't. I'm awful as him. I played through it as Raph. I don't remember my time... I think it was pretty close to yours, not sure if I beat it.