SCV Post-GI character damage rankings

rurounikenshin: Sorry, misread the dash in 3B part lol. That is guaranteed and does 60 damage if they try teching and 61 if they don't. I still wouldn't move him up to Natsu though since the opponent can reduce the 61 damage to 60; the same damage as 3B 6K and 3B 4A:A:A:A:A.
to Artix & Para: i prefer sakura fury. its easy stable and hi damage
dantefor, I can't do that combo EVERY time, but after you have down the timing for 1B:B its pretty easy, for me the hard part its the double JF twisters
danteforneo: Anytime except if you GI something from a far distance.
im almost sure that yoshi gets a guaranteed dash 3B or just 1B for more damage than 6K
NRReborn: Doesn't have a very good chance of working. Look at the rules.
  • NRReborn

doesn't dampierre's 236B 236B B!E! 4B do more damage?
Doesn't 3B. 4:B:b:B:b:b do more damage for yoshi?