SCV Post patch Multi character combo video 1

What an awesome video! Some very creative stuff in here.
Quite a work of art. I especially enjoyed the Tira combos. Magnificant.


Mar 29, 2012 at 12:18 PM
Posted by Paranormal_Oreo
Post-patch combo video by: Paranormal Oreo. Enjoy!
Raphael: Prep kA+B+K(w!). 22_88B. 3A(w!). 3 Prep B, B, B. 236236A+B+K. 162 damage
Siegfried: BT SCH B(Tip range). BT SCH(Delay) kA+B+K. a:G:A(w!). 3. SCH kA+B+K. 2[A+B]. SBH kA+B+K. 177 damage

Algol: 4[K]. 6B, B, B. 6K. K(w!). 6K, K(w!). 1B. 2A+B. 66bA+B+K. 236236A+B+K. 4B, A. 66bA+B+K. 3K. 194 damage
Aeon: CH 4B. 6bA+B+K. BT B+K. 236236A+B+K. 144 damage
Pyrrha: 4B+K(w!). 3B(w!). 66bA+B+K. 236236A+B+K. 138 damage
Natsu: CH WR B, 4A+B. 236236A+B+K. 66bA+B+K(w!). 44K, K, K. K2. 142 damage
Astaroth: CH 1K, A(w!). 63214:A+G(w!). 66kA+B+K. 164 damage
Hilde: C2A. a+gA+B+K(w!). C1A(w!). 3A. C2B. G. C2B. G. C3A. 2K. 149 damage
Patroklos: 22_88A, A(w!). 3B(w!). 6B, B, B. 66B+K. 236:bA+B+K. 236K. 127 damage
Tira: JS 3B(w!). 11_77K. BT B+K(w!), B, A+B. 66bA+B+K(Switch persona). GS G. 4K. 666bA+B+K. 113 damage
Z.W.E.I.: A+G. 4bA+B+K(w!). 3B(w!). b+kA+B+K. 1A. 236236A+B+K. B+K. 4A+B. 2K. 138 damage
α Patroklos: 66A+B. 2362B, A(w!). a:G:B. a:G:B. 2aA+B+K. 2362B, A(w!). 1B:B. 2143B:B, A+B+K. 2A+B, B. 2aA+B+K. 2362B, A. 165 damage
Algol: Hell nah I ain't doin dis combos' inputs. 190 damage
Tira: GS CH 11_44_77B(Only last hit). 666bA+B+K. 63 damage
Viola: (vs BT'ed)SET. 22_88bA+B+K. 1B. 3B(w!). 44aA+B+K. 6B+K. 6B. A_B+G. 3B. A, A, B. 2A+B. 2b+kA+B+K. A, A, B. 66B. 66A+B, B. 187 damage
Ezio: A+B(vs sidestep). BT B+K. 1B, B, B. 236236A+B+K. 125 damage
Cervantes: B+K(Successful GI(midair opponent))(w!). 8B+K. 8B+K. 236236A+B+K. 236236A+B+K. 214:B. 83 damage
Maxi: 44A(w!). 1B, A, K(w!). iWR B+K. BL kA+B+K. 2K, B. 128 damage
Pyrrha: 4[A], A, A, A+B+K(w!). 66bA+B+K(w!). 66B+K, A, B. G. 236236A+B+K. 159 damage
Pyrrha Ω: 4[A], A. 6bA+B+K(w!). 2B, B:4(w!). 3B. 23236:bA+B+K. DNS B. 168 damage
Xiba/Kilik: CH REM A, K(w!). 2. 6B, kA+B+K(w!). 3B, A, A. Xiba: 131 damage. Kilik: 126 damage
Aeon: 1bA+B+K. 44B, A, A(w!). 66K(w!). 1bA+B+K. 236236A+B+K. 190 damage
Tira: JS 4A. 4K(Switch persona). GS 4B:B:B. 663A(w!). 4K. 666bA+B+K. 128 damage
Leixia: 44[A]. A, A, A+B+K. 3B(w!). 1A. 3B(w!). WR bA+B+K. BT B+K. 66K. 146 damage
4     6     2,038