WoC = WindofCancer
lel Blueboy...I can only say hats off to the original king of Pat swag :D
dat Rome goodness is on my FB Scrubasa :D
the good stuff is yet to come Ray, after I get the rest of this up...Dolores will be in the hot seat
I got a good laugh out of this. Doesn't help I was doing the same thing a day before this got posted. XD
lol wait for it Lock XD also Ice...I was extremely hurt being called a WATER DICK EATING POTATO HEAD!!!! Kappa
ZER0 needs to step up his overkill game
hell yh I do >:D
I bet you like your scrubs how you like your french fries, hot and salty...


May 3, 2015 at 2:28 PM
Posted by ZER0
in the course of battle, people can get a little angry with how some people play...some more than others however some people are willing to take the salt to such an extent that it would kill them inside...these are but a few of the many that do this...stay tuned more is to come :D
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