twinings blad? ain't heard or seen that shiz for time
Don't sell yourself short blud... PG Tips? More like Twinings in terms of quality. :P
give mans dem PG-tips fam!!! add me on FB blad!! da rome on der peng still
@ Fraud_Zero, that was proper Lapsang Souchong blud! :P Waits for Rome kappa...
you can dip the t-bag slowly so your opponent can appreciate the taste...OR YOU CAN THROW IT ALL IN THERE AND MAKE THEM UNDERSTAND THAT THIS IS 'YOUR BALLSACK' GOING IN AND OUT OF THEIR MOUTH AND THEY CAN'T DO SHIT ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #GETREKT
The Double Jumps before teabags is what makes it even lulzier
Max swag points back for noticing Lock XD and you're as perceptive as ever, Rockto :D
5:26, it always has to be on the face. I pay attention to detail.
I died when I realized that you tagged all of characters in the roster. Maximum swag points right there


May 4, 2015 at 5:07 PM
Posted by ZER0
in the course of battle, people can get a little angry with how some people play...some more than others however some people are willing to take the salt to such an extent that it would kill them inside...these are but a few of the many that do this...stay tuned more is to come :D
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