SCV Ranked Match - XS ZION (Mitsurugi) VS Caspian VII (A-Pat)

@CaspianVII- He did the same thing to me last time, he rage quitted and then he wanted to be my friend and he was inviting to play -.-
I've played him no less than 10 times. I have lost a couple of them, but when I win he always rage quits on me. He thinks he is the best but he's really not (and his connection sucks balls). I have a couple of videos of him in my replays, but I unfortunately can't upload rage quits :(
@ Norik - lol - With me he contented himself with repeated fight requests and rage - @ Zanaken - dont really understand your comment either buddy (guy didnt control shit, even in a crappy 3 bar match and lost 4 or 5 in a row).
First time I see this guy play a full match.

He has ragequited EVERY SINGLE TIME I've played him.
I don't get the perspiration comment. He seemed in pretty full control throughout.


Mar 21, 2013 at 11:37 PM
Posted by CaspianVII
Match from GC Takeover this Tuesday gone - Not a great one, but I wanted to post this guy up, as I could smell him perspiring a continent away.....
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