SCV- theMenace VS Fuzion FT10 (Online) Part 2

We'll see, we might be able to work out some freaky group stuff if your up
I'll slide you my sloppy seconds Seran, but hands off DarkMoonFantasy.... SHE'S MINE >:[
I want some action too! Menace gets all the bitches...
True, i tend not to use his CE tho, mainly cuase I have a hard time buffering his CE and tend to get GS -_- Im sure i could've snuck it in at some point tho, Fuzion is pretty agressive.
You had it at the end bro... Shoulda snuck in the CE
Sure, I'll spank that behind ;)


Apr 8, 2013 at 10:11 AM
Posted by Menace
Really GGs to Fuzion, Mitsu too stronk D: Really dont know why but i kept switching between NM and Aeon at the end there... I'll be trying to upload more FT5 - FT10 win or lose, HMU if you're interested. Constructive criticism is welcomed, Enjoy!
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