SCV: Tira Slow-Mo Glitch - Better Version! ...Part 1 - Natsu

All in all I think we can agree that the game doesn't enjoy being slowed down.
From my tests, they all shoot at the same angle, but the speed is unaffected. Viola has some really odd glitches though... Like her 33_99's animation cancels itself until the attack is finished, and then plays. I never found any other bugs, other than a global projectile un-hitbox-ify-ing.
Update: Algol's 2A+B and A+B shoot like 8A+B would. 8A+B shoots nearly vertically.
The timer is unaffected. :/
Huh, wiggy. Speaking of strict, I assume it's much easier to get Just timings out.

Have you tested this in VS mode or anything to see what it does to the round timer?
Yeah, I've seen the camera bugs... They're shown in the Astaroth part.
The timing is fairly hard if you're stepping, but grabbing immediately is the perfect timing with JG... either way it is strict, as the grab has to connect during the slow down, which is only a couple of frames long in actual gameplay.
It's still on the front page for the Demonstrations category.

What's the timing to get that throw in though? I can hardly seem to time it right, it's either too late or too early, and sometimes the camera flips out regardless.
Ummm, In theory it's the same thing I guess... Ahh, but she doesn't go into slow motion if you block or JG it and she doesn't continue at all if you avoid it. So probably not...

How'd you find this anyway? >.> It's not in recent media anymore.
Wait, is it possible to do this with Pyrrha's CE too?
Why thank you. ^^ ...Some of many.
Cool, I'll try it. Also, nice creations.
Reset position, ring out, or by the same Tira doing her CE again. If this were to happen in a VS match, I imagine a KO would fix it too.
And... how do you get out of it?
As seen in this video. Make Gloomy Tira's CE miss (This can done easiest by standing out of range, then using a kick to get hit in the leg) ...then, step to the left or JG to following hits. Finally, grab her during the slow motion frames of her last hit. (possibly with A+G only, but I can't see why it wouldn't work with B+G)[It's far easier to time the grab using JG, but I couldn't do that while recording on my capture card because of a slight delay]

I like the hitsparks, but in this video they can block out some of the animations... but what was I supposed to do..? Use the regular characters or something? Psssh.
Regular characters are DELUDED!!! < . >
I always though they were ugly and looked out of place.

This is pretty cool though, how do you do it?
'Shitty'? :<
Hmmm, I should annotate in the other parts at the end... probably.
This would be great if it wasn't for the shitty CaS hitsparks.


Apr 24, 2013 at 5:10 AM
Posted by garjian
Okay, I've had some time to record this properly... well, as 'properly' as this capture card can do.
This has probably seen some coverage already, but I only just came across it and had to give it a good look. It slows by roughly 9x normal speed and causes a few bugs, particularly with Viola and projectiles.

I've gone through a few characters this time, and separated them into parts to keep it from being to long. I'm not going to upload them all here because I don't want to spam the recent videos box.

...Thinking about it, in the previous version, I demonstrated a few more attacks... Oh well.
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