SCV Viola Combo Challenge By SALMAN

@ Karrdeian i think this combo is the mostes viola combo damage for now with the challenge rules i think i do a combo do more 3 or 4 damage than this combo but dont think there is full power combo. maybe some one will do if thank.
i love the second combo is there any way you could make it a combo that kills the opponet
Always good videos SALMAN.
Nice vid, music fits Viola perfectly. Goddamn turn around already Patroklos!! :P
thanks CheeseOfTheDay yes it's old music from SOUL BLADE i like it .
Soul Blade - 54-a-travel-diary-edge-master-book-
'A Travel Diary' from Soul Blade
Cool video. What's the name of the music track? =)


Apr 25, 2012 at 6:20 AM
Posted by tosaka
Viola has infintie back throw but it's un legal in highest combo
damage ,ukemi (tech) trap ,counter hit , wall hit and life rest don't legal too
so dont try it .
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