SCV Yoshimitsu Combo Video

No lolo I know they can ukemi some of them I was just showing different enders if they werent... I been playing long enough to know whats guaranteed and what isnt ;) Again video is from beginnger to expert.
how do you get a_B:K down ? Cause when I do it, Dosent register that im pressing a_b:k like i would in SCIV so the only i can get it is by doing a_b_B:K but then it registers it as a regulary earslicer, weird... could need some feed back on yoshis a_B:K
Hey, did you set the cpu to do ukemi?....
man you just did bring back my faith in yoshimitsu.
I thought about dropping him as a main but you actually manage to get me excited about him again for the first time since they revealed his concept art.


Feb 2, 2012 at 12:33 AM
Posted by RedDjinn
Just a quick combo video of Yoshimitsu for Soul Calibur V... I will update with a more detailed write up later, Tired... Took me about 2 hours to make... For vets there isnt much new but I made this video for everyone, from beginner to expert.

Watch the whole thing theres always something in there that you can learn or that could catch your eye... This is about a 1/3 of what Yoshi can do. For those of you who though his combo potential was gone, think again... He just takes more skill to use this time around.
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