Siegfried iagA tutorial.avi

hmm...try doing it faster, since iagA requires fastest input. if you're able to get agA, but not iagA, you're not doing it fast enough. be careful though, becuse do it too fast and you'll get grab or nothing at all(depending on input method)
Hey man, I've been using this, but to no avail on the stock PS3 pad. Is there some type of rhythm I need to be doing? I tried all the methods here, but it doesn't even work once, I just get the regular agA
lol thx ^-^ its my ps3 wired pad that i bought with tournaments in mind. i was actually planning on doing a review on it when i stop being lazy...

@ring but the camo controller had grips on the back! the black one didnt! >_>
Thanks for the tutorial! And nice controller ^^
My mind if full of fuck after looking at your pad.
you think so? i never figured there ever were any other methods on a these are just the 4 ways i do it. cant seem to be able to agA online though for whatever reason. but i guess it doesnt matter, cause offline is what counts ^-^ lol


Feb 9, 2012 at 10:08 PM
Posted by Slayer_X64
A simple tutorial discussing the execution of the move "iagA" from the character Siegfried of SOULCALIBUR V.

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