Soul Calibur 5 8wayrun July Online Tourney IRM nunchaku (Maxi) vs DZ Hollow yoshi (Yoshi/Voldo)

you stole my B+Kg~2A+B seet ups....damn you!!
11B for whiff punishing?? *facepalm*. Your best whiff punisher is B+K BBBA jf, but there are much better options than 11B. such as 44B RC AB LI A BE, WS B+K~BL K BE, etc. You just seem very fond of 11B and I think you couldve gotten more punishment damage with other options.

Maybe you were going easy on the guy. I dunno. Just an observation.
this is weird because i used a Capture Card. I guess the good version is on Ytube
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Camera on a boat?


Jul 14, 2012 at 12:39 AM
Posted by IRM
This is Round 2 of the July Online Tourney.
IRM Nunchaku: Maxi
DZ Hollow Yoshi: Yoshimitsu/Voldo
I did pretty well in this round also Shoutouts to DZ Hollow Yoshi he is a great friend of mine.Next i play Marginal A.K.A MarredJin A.K.A Joeottoson who is also a really cool guy. Stay tuned
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