Soul Calibur 5: Beware the Grabatron 3000 an Astaroth montage

Why thank you bud, I appreciate you watching. The track is the Final Boss theme from Sonic 3 :)
Oda you have exceeded yourself on the track selection - It really made enjoy the tage - good stuff (whats the track btw? )
Thank you very much :) believe it or not it took me five months to get this montage going solely because I couldn't find the right theme for it. Turns out it needed some Sonic the Hedgehog lol
I have officially made it, someone fapped to my video. New level reached.
11/10 would fap again.

Thank you, thank you. I made that actually lol glad you enjoyed it :)
Also the irony for picking a song from Sonic, for a slow Ax wielder haha I hope you all enjoy :)


Oct 24, 2013 at 10:07 PM
Posted by Ittarra Oda
Well here we are the Astaroth Montage I've been working on for a long while, this is a very proud video for me and I hope you enjoy. Ironically, the song is from Sonic 3 lol

I have to thank my friend Mesmerize for calling Astaroth the Grabatron haha. His YouTube
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