Soul Calibur 5 Just Guard Tutorial

thanks for clearing that up. So it sounds like I was pretty much right about GI
@ damn-I-Suck:
There are now 3 threads dedicated to this video, but earlier I posted some stuff about what you're asking here:

Some genral thoughts here. First of all, this is a great video by Aris. It shows some of the ways you can utilise JG properly. However, I want to allay some concerns.

JG will not make GI obsolete. They are useful in different circumstances. JG is great against unblockables, and against similar timing mixups like the Hilde 3BA / 3BB as shown in this video. GI has a much bigger window and is better when you see a move coming but don't know exactly what it is, because you know what attacks you'll be able to follow up with.

Because you can bait re-GIs, you can get the double advantgage of getting a much bigger combo than with a JG, and you can waste your opponent's meter. Finally, and this is really important, if your opponent hasn't got enough meter to re-GI, you can use GI for absolutely guaranteed follow-ups.

With JG, every attack you JG will yield a different advantage: some won't be launch punihsable, and some won't be punishable at all. JG will be a really powerful tool in the hands of skilled players, but GI will still be important too.
You make it too sound too professional.Please dont ....
There has to be a catch to this. If GI costs meter, is more risky, is harder to input, then it HAS to have some kind of advantage over JG. It just wouldn't make sense otherwise.

I would assume that GI gives your opponent more negative frames than JG? Or maybe the timing is more forgiving? Or maybe the only thing advantage that GI has over JG is that it works on high/mid/lows?

Someone needs to clear this up for me, because right now it just doesn't add up. Either I'm missing something or it's poorly designed mechanics.
Wow. That will be worth learning.
holy hell you can even JG unblockables?


Jan 30, 2012 at 9:24 AM
Posted by Malice
Description by Aris:

This is my first crack at a semi proffesional style video. Huge thanks to Binkley, Insomnotek and Commando for helping me with this project.

After Fuzzy Guard gets patched, I think Just Guard will be a very effective tool in Soul Calibur 5. This game will essentially function similarly to Third Strike. Hopefully this video gives you an idea of how effective this tool can be. Everything in this video was performed by hand. Make sure you guys rate subscribe and comment and thanks for all the support.

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