Soul Calibur 5: Partisan ( Pyrrha Omega ) Vs Misty Chaos ( Pyrrha Omega )

Do what he did. Mash QS at range. Soften him up close. Don't commit to slow verticals. AA -> launch attempt is apparently good. Dittos are fun.
  • JustinAkatsuki

ggs yeah partisan pretty much beat me 3-0 lol but he is like one of the bests players on sc5(and in canada I think) so if u manage to beat him well u should be like proud lol


May 4, 2012 at 5:43 AM
Posted by Misty_Chaos
First match from Soul Calibur 5 I have uploaded on this channel. This is a pretty one sided match as Partisan is leap and bounds above my level at this time. I am merely uploading this in search of feedback on how I could improve. I am the Pyrrha Omega wearing the default clothing.
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