Soul Calibur 5 - Viola is balanced

Ow, and how did he do 2 A+B twice without the combo breaking.
She's balanced. Great, let me just try that online. Never mind, IT'LL NEVER WORK HAPPEN.
I believe this is Namco's way of saying "Viola is Amy".
this uses more than two meter, but it's still OP, even after the first 8K the damage is already too damn high @ 146
Because it's bugged after 9K 2B+K BE relaunch, I think.
Why did 2A+B stun them on the ground two times? I thought you could only have a type of stun occur once per combo.
if u are gonna do a demonstration at least do it with 200 meter and not 250, takes all the credibility you could have achieved.
If I ever get hit with that...
Pfff - it's 215 excluding the last relaunch. That was for flair =[

It also gives you just about 50% back. You may be able to do it anyway.


Mar 26, 2012 at 4:11 AM
Posted by Destinizish
No srsly, this shit is situational, hard, impossible to hit confirm and pretty much completely impractical.
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