Soul Calibur - Hilde skirtless - Don't Touch Me (vertical screen test)

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Jul 16, 2014 at 2:51 AM
Posted by skytoast
Little did we know, there was a bit of an altercation between Hilde and Siegfried shortly after defeating Nightmare in Soul Calibur IV....

Just a quick video test using a vertical aspect ratio by rotating the camera along the z-axis. This allows us to get a full body view of the characters in better detail despite having a narrow field of view - sort've like a using a smartphone camera or Dead or Alive 5's snapshot viewer but super-sized within Soul Calibur. Rendered in After Effects.

If your browser supports it, watch in full screen at 4K resolution! Better if watched on a widescreen monitor rotated vertically (90 degrees) or on an upright widescreen mobile tablet.

As usual, here's high quality H264 direct download link of the video if anyone is interested: V Screen Test - HildeSkirtless DontTouchMe 1080x1920.rar
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