Soul Calibur IV - Astaroth's Hunger

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Just now watching this! Well done!
Kilik: "I'm warning you. Do not--"

Asty: "Shut up!"


Dude this is awesome! The Xianghua Matrix high-crush moment was tops.


Nov 23, 2008 at 7:26 PM
Posted by skytoast
Plot: Astaroth is on a path of destructive rampage willing to obliterate anyone who may have the misfortune of crossing his path to obtain the power of Soul Edge. His neverending hunger for more power fills him with a rage that can not be contained. Following this trail of destruction, Maxi vows to put an end to this unstoppable menace. But he'll need the help of his friends, Kilik and Xianghua, to finally defeat his bitter foe. Unfortunately, Astaroth got to them first. Luck will however bring them all together in one final battle. Will they succeed?

Director's Note: This is the third film using Soul Calibur IV's in game camera during replays. This time, I added more characters into the play. I've always wondered what happens right after Maxi's ending cutscene in the game when we're shown Astaroth defeating both Kilik and Xianghua then Maxi avenging them just before scene cuts to a text explaining how it ends. I thought it be cool to explore this aspect of the story so I used it as my inspiration for this film. At first I didnt know how I would approach this, whether it was even feasible to seamlessly portray multiple characters using a fighting game engine to tell a story. I was afraid at first I might have to resort to hours of labor compositing, matting, rotoscoping each scene frame by frame. But after a few test cuts, I found it wouldnt be that labor intensive. Given the nature of the story I was going to tell, I could probably get by simply using camera cuts and pointing the camera from a particular angle. Nevertheless, there was still one scene in which I had to work in post production effects to get it right. Since this film involved high paced fast action fighting scenes, most of the time was focused on choreographing the fighting sequences so multiple takes were involved, some as much as 50+ for just a single scene until it was done "right".

Soul Calibur IV - Astaroth's Hunger
Release Date: November 4, 2008
Cast:Astaroth, Kilik, Xianghua, and Maxi

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UPDATE: A higher quality upscaled version of this video reuploaded to Youtube HD.
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