Soul Calibur IV - Cassandra's Training HD Remake

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Feb 11, 2010 at 5:17 PM
Posted by skytoast
HD Remake.
Plot: Cassandra is in training, aspiring to be an Athenian fighter like her older sister, Sophitia. She thinks she's ready for some action and wants to follow her sister on her journeys. Sophitia however doubts she is ready and tests her abilities in a dueling match with swords and shields. Being the overprotective older sibling, Sophitia wants her sister to advance slowly so she decides to teach her a lesson in humility by unleashing the power of Hephaestus, god of forge and fire and the will of Athena, goddess of wisdom. Little does she know, Cassandra also has a trick up her sleeves, having the same power of divinity running in her veins.

Director's Note:
This film is an HD remake from the original one I did back in 2008 which was at the time made using standard DV equipment. I have since then made the switch to high definition and have released a few more SC machinima films in HD. This release isn't just a prettier version of the first film. Every sequence was re-shot (captured) and a lot were redone with new fighting choreography. I was also able to better employ in-game camera techniques I have learned over the course of making my other films. Also following in the format of past recent films, I have extended the film by adding extra scenes in ending credit roll which is my favorite part of the process because I can explore deeper aspects to the story or characters. I'm sure fans of game series particularly with Cassandra and Sophitia will appreciate this so check it out at the end.

So now that this done, I can move forward in telling the rest of story.

Soul Calibur IV - Cassandra's Training HD Remake
Release Date: February 10,2010
Cast of Characters: Cassandra, Sophitia
End Credits: Cervantes, Taki, Astaroth, custom characters

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