Soul Calibur IV modded creations

As of now, I have no clue how to fix that. which is one of these reasons why I didn't midgetize Luke Skywalker. it's best to resize chars without facial expressions.
You use that SCIV modding program right? I've been messing with it to, I have this weird problem that whenever I resize any CAS character, their face becomes quite glitchy and its.......disturbing to say the least, do you know a way to resize characters without messing up their face?
Modded creations can be resized to fit exactly like the default char sizes for the hit collisions based on their 3P. (Also in SCIV, ingame creation lacks height editing) about Yoda, there's of course no way to swap weapons, so you're stuck with a Sith/Red lightsaber. (unless you're okay with low tier Jedi midgets)
I agree, it's much easier to make a good looking creation in SCIV given the more detailed equipment... which of course has its own limitations.

Just curious, wouldn't Yoda's sword be a better fit for the Jedi? Hitboxes are garbage for CaS anyway, might as well go all the way.


Jun 20, 2014 at 6:13 PM
Posted by Darkon360x
I'm not a fan of SCIV's customization which is why I haven't made much, but I prefer it's equipment over SCV anyday.

The Grim Reaper vs Algol's Son - 1:57
Luke Skywalker vs Mitsurugi II - 3:27
Luke Skywalker vs Darth Apprentice - 4:57
Demon vs Girly Astaroth - 6:36
Lizardman vs Legoman - 8:28
Siegfried/Nightmare vs Zasalamel - 10:17
Trannyrugi vs Bubblemitsu - 11-41
Midget Vader vs Seong Mina - 13:36
Bonus: Armor Destruction - 15:39
Bonus: Critical Finishes - 16:26
Bonus: Yoda bullshit - 20:37
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