its "LUNGING dragon of the zodiac"!!

And LOL....I popped in SC4 over this past weekend to. I totally forgot how to play maxi!!
Kicking someone in the elbow shouldn't be instant death.


Dec 16, 2012 at 10:21 PM
Posted by Marginal
IRMNunchaku has been bugging me to play Soul Calibur IV with him for ages now. I can never understand why given the net code in that game, but hey, nostalgia goggles I guess. Master Macro also elected to partake of this old withered fruit.

So here's the result of me finally giving IRM his SC IV rematch. Apologies for the uneven audio. I probably should have killed the audio and upped the game audio etc to get everyone's comments to come in clearly.

Soul Calibur IV is copyrighted by Namco Bandai Games
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