Soul Calibur V - Cervantes Combo Video

Lol, the last two combos work only against tall characters apparently.


Feb 6, 2012 at 4:22 PM
Posted by Vini
The Dread Pirate is back alive!
Move list:

- 3B, 8B+K, 2A+B
- 214B+K, 2B+K
- 1K, 3B (needs no ukemi to work)
- b.K, 3B
- CH 2A+B, WR A+B.A+B+K
- BT B+K, B.B.B
- 3B, 8B+K, 236236A+B+K
- 6A+B, 236236A+B+K
- 2[B+K], 6B.A+B+K, BT B+K, 236236A+B+K
- B+K, 2A+B
- 33B, 214:B
- 4A+B, 214:B, 214:B
- 214:B, 214:B, 214:B
- 3B, 2B+K, 214:B, 236236A+B+K
- 8A+B, K:K:B, B2 (needs "no ukemi" to work; final move is avoidable with air control)
- 44A+B, 8B+K, 214:B, 236236A+B+K
- 3B(W!), 3B(W!), 1A:B, 214:B
- B+G, 214:B
- 44K, A+G.A+B+K (tech trap)
- 44[A+B], 8B+K, 8B+K, 214:B, 236236A+B+K
- 3B (W!), 3B(W!), 8A+B.B, B2
- 1K, 3A (tech trap)
- 2A+B, WRB (tech trap), 214:B, 236236A+B+K
- 66B(W!), 66B(W!), 214:B, BT B+K, 236236A+B+K
- 66B(W!), 66B(W!), 3A+B, B.B.B, A+G.A+B+K (tech trap)

*Note: The two final combos work only against "tall" hit box characters like Nightmare, Voldo, Astaroth, etc.

If you don´t know the Soul Calibur language, watch this tutorial:

I hope you enjoy it.
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