Soul Calibur V DKT FT5 : Kayane (Leixia) vs Scud (Ivy)

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Cool. Been looking for some good matches to watch.


Apr 20, 2012 at 9:37 PM
Posted by Kayane
Here are my matches against Scud (Ivy) at Soul Calibur V in the Don King Tournament, organized by Soul Arena (
Don King Tournament was a single elimination tournament with the best 16 french players, it took place the April 10th.
You can check out all the vids from the tournament in the Gnouz Channel :

Advice to Leixia's players : Leixia can punish Ivy quite well thanks to 6KK and 3B, but I didn't react enough with the best punishments since i'm not used to Ivy's match ups so I'm sorry!
Try to remember that some of her good whip moves can be punished with 3B, and sword moves by 6KK. Look at Ivy's frame data or train the punishments in practice mode, and try to have the reflex in matches to make the difference between sword and whip moves to punish the best.

Hope you'll enjoy !

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