Soul Calibur V | Raphael Combo Video

@Aven Kujo-Gin, (Edit: Her P1 Hairstyle mixed w/ Elysium's)
@Aven Kujo-Gin, Very observant, yes. It is a modded aesthetic on Pyrrha. (Her default P1 Hair mixed w/ her P2 Hairstyle.)
@Apoc Revolution, I suppose they can be considered "impractical". Although, My Combo Projects are focused on the aesthetics of a character/move-set not just Mechanically. And to answer your question, I know of such. This video includes Some of Many combos Raphael is capable of, in which, are some of my most favorite. (Hence the video's description) Thank you for taking your time for viewing/commenting on my video, btw.
Am I the only one that noticed that Pyrrha have Sophitia hair style?
Nice video, although some of these aren't practical in real matches. You covered most of them, except 22B, 3A W! combo's and 4A+B GI W! combo's. I was surprised to see grabs being a tech trap after 11K/66A+B/2B and Prep K BE being a tech trap after 66(B). I went to Training mode right after watching this and found out that grabs are also a tech trap after A+G, but only if a wall or edge is behind your opponent. Did you know you can use Left Needle in wall combo's? It's angle specific though.


May 15, 2017 at 12:12 PM
Posted by AmyIntwined
-I present to you, a Raphael Combo Video. This Combo Project is organized by the following: Mid-screen combos, Wall Combos & Ukemi-based combos. A showcase of some of my favored combos by him. This is a presentation of some of Many combos he's capable of. (Disclaimer: Certain Ukemi Combos can be broken out of, hence his B grab)

1:25 - 1:31 (Please excuse the choppiness of this selected piece of footage, my Capture Card didn't record it properly)
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