Soul Calibur V - Singapore vs Hong Kong 8v8 Online Exhibition Match

Aw I wanted to see Pyrrha action D: but awesome either way :D THAT VIOLA WAS BAD ASS :O


May 21, 2012 at 7:50 PM
Posted by ShenYu
The Hong Kong guys got together with us to perform this online exhibition match.

Here are the players on each side:

Whirow - Maxi
Raphire - Voldo
Shen Ou - Xiba
Taxi - Viola
zer0kage - Nightmare
DTArchon - Pyrrha
Shen Yuan - Siegfried
Shen Chan - Cervantes

Hong Kong:
Uncle Ball - Siegfried
Sabre - Leixia
Alex - Astaroth
Sing - Nightmare
Supernova - Natsu
Knightspirit - Patroklos
Lau - Raphael
Chang's Friend - Alpha Patroklos
2     3     1,253