Soul Calibur V - Soul's barrier - Just Guards

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Jul 19, 2012 at 6:00 PM
Posted by seyfer
Soul Calibur V - Just Guards - Tutorial & Demostration.

Here is my complete list of JG (pdf format):

Sorry about what happened before, this video has no audio due to copyright issues. Soon I'll be uploading to a server download the original video for anyone who wants to enjoy it with audio. 20 minutes of video without audio can kill even the most patient.

Here is the original video with audio:

And here its music list:
- Patroklos: Immediate music - Imperitum.
- Z.W.E.I.: Judas priest - Night crawler.
- Leixia: Dynasty warriors 7 OST - Kid around ska.
- Natsu: Tenchu stealth assassins OST - Deliver the secret message.
- Raphael: Hellsing OST - Logos naki world.
- Viola: Haggard - Hijo de la luna.
- Pyrrha: Madonna - Sorry.
- Siegfried: Rhapsody of fire - The march of the swordmaster.
- Hilde: Ace of base - Happy nation (remix).
- Xiba: Dragon ball OST - Maka fushigi adventure (Latin dubbing).
- Ivy: Alphaville - Forever young.
- Cervantes: David Garrett - He's a pirate.
- Aeon: Lordi - Would you love a monsterman.
- Tira: Elfen lied OST - Lilium (Music box version).
- Nightmare: George Thorogood - Bad to the bone.
- Mitsurugi: Rurouni Kenshin OST - Heart of sword.
- Maxi: Ikkitousen dragon destiny OST - Dragon destiny.
- Yoshimitsu: The terminator (1984) OST - Main theme.
- Voldo: Mike Oldfield - The exorcist.
- Astaroth: Alan Silvestri - Journey to Transylvania.
- Alpha Patroklos: Immediate music - Fatum plebis.
- Algol: Bloody roar 2 OST - Gado theme.
- Pyrrha Omega: Rammstein - Feuer frei.

My most sincere apologies.
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