Soul Calibur V Viola combo

if the combo starts with CH 1B im pretty sure the whole thing is garenteed....fuck
Whole gauge though. It's ok... guess
WTF! Well, first I'd have to learn the commands of almost all the moves after the first 3B, AA attacks. Nice, though.
my sweet, sweet Viola....
Because it's so sexy that all the other characters will ring themselves out automatically in an attempt at suicide because they cannot compare to the hotness.
Why would that need to be nerfed? It does less then half health using 200% of bar.
Are we to believe that namco is "working hard" on balance this time?

Nerf in patch please
Wouldn't it be even funnier if the difficulty was easy at the time?
the AA in the beginning can't be AC'd out of. There was a video that said the hit properties of her moves change whether she is with orb or without orb.
even more of a reason why i'd want to use her. Muahahahaha.
quick! slap the ban stick on that crazy bitch before it's too LAAAATTTEEE !!!
After watching this, and her overall style, i like how people say ZWEI is out of place on Facebook and GameSpot when VIOLA is worse.
you can air control the very first part, but not after that. I know cause they air conrtol it later in the broadcast.
Lol, she is Guilty Gear in Soul Calibur, nice.
A 20+ hit comdo did that little. =o
Still it is interesting to watch.
Viola shaking them hips ^^


Nov 22, 2011 at 2:11 PM
Posted by Alex_3D
Real combo? O_O
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