Soul Calibur V: Yoshimitsu JF 4AAAAA combos

Why not button's register?
mkl's soundcloud post helped me refine it some:

@tosaka not as nice as having multiple character combo videos though :)
Dat execution, couldn't for the life of me understand the rhythm for JF 4AAAAA when I tinkered with Yoshi


Apr 25, 2012 at 4:37 AM
Posted by Frostheart
Flashy and highly damaging JF 4AAAAA combos and a couple of other more standard combos, with little or no meter to boot. I mostly ended with 2[A+B]~66 to show a flashier damage and hit counter but you can simply a:B+K, DNK near ring edge for a couple of them. Of course, you can extend any launcher/wall combo with JF 4AAAAA, these are just some examples. The RO potential is crazy... well, provided you can execute it and get lucky with the recovery.

This vid was a bitch to record. I had to restart everything twice because 1) my battery died 2) I ran out of memory. And it's not like I can execute everything perfectly at the get-go. I forgot to turn CH off some of these combos which can work on normal hit though, so just check if the "Counter" tab appears which makes it do slightly more damage than normal.

Music: Zen Killer - Two Steps from Hell
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