Soul Calibur V - Yoshimitsu Wall Combo Guide (Advanced)

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Mar 28, 2012 at 11:39 PM
Posted by Frostheart

Yoshimitsu can deal some real Soviet damage off a wall. Sorry for the minecraft-ish quality (I used my phone) - I don't have a legit video recorder and recording from online replay is just too tedious considering how I need to keep rematching because some of these combos take up 3/4 of the bar. So, like I said why the F*** does SCV not have an offline replay as well?? I'll try to redo the vid when I get a DVR, but in the meantime please bear with this.

You need to have a certain degree of execution to perform many of these combos. All of them are guaranteed except for the ones with grab. Some are situational and require some tight positioning to pull off. The ones that end with 66B, DNK, 3B may miss if the opponent is not flush against the wall. Combos that end with a:B+K, DNK, 2K are guaranteed if they end near the wall but are character specific if they end in the open. They do not work on:
They work at certain angles with:
-Omega Pyrrha
And they are guaranteed on:
-Natsu (my testing dummy in this vid)
-Alpha Patroklos

All these information and more can be found on By no means is this video exhaustive, I'm just showing what combos came to mind. You can always put in a CE instead of a standard ender if you wish, or follow up with any one of these finishes (RCC if needed)
-iMCF/W! 3B 6K (use this if you can't a:B+K)
-iMCF/W! 3B a:B+K DNK 2K
-iMCF/W! 66B DNK 3B (use this if you can't RCC)
-iMCF/W! 4KB / 4K
-iMCF/W!/66A BE bA
-66A BE/W! 9B+KK (techable)
Bravo if you can consistently plug in JF 4AAAAA from a launcher after a wall combo - that means the opponent is pretty much dead if he gets caught at the wall.

Thanks for watching and please subscribe :)

-"Specters in the Fog" - Hans Zimmer (The Last Samurai)
-"Beni Soubi" - Takanashi Yasahara (Naruto Shippuuden)
-"Balsa Hashiru" - Kawai Kenji (Seirei no Moribito)

I have nothing to do with any of the music played in this video.I'm not the owner or creator of any of the songs. All rights belong to the artists whose names I've provided.
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