[ Soul Calibur VI ] - Combat Lesson - [ Reversal Edge ]

Love your explaination in the RE System. Too bad many people called it "broken", where it's not.
It's linear and good players and predict it. It has its pros & cons, like some characters can cancel it (Talim, Raphael), or activate it during a move (Mitsurugi, Ivy).
Best way is to always try, experiment, and use it when it's necessary.


Nov 13, 2018 at 8:52 AM
Posted by Cupui
[ Soul Calibur VI ] - Combat Lesson - [ Reversal Edge ]

Introduction to Reversal Edge in Soul Calibur VI

Notation Explaination :

0:05 Introduction & Explaination
1:28 Reversal Edge Clash Option
2:44 Reversal Edge 2nd Round
3:35 Reversal Edge Note

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