[ Soul Calibur VI ] Friendly Match feat.Ponii and DilaNeko

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Jun 25, 2020 at 7:23 AM
Posted by Cupui
Schtauffen Journal Vol.9 :

Today's video is a friendly matches between me, Ponii and DilaNeko
Both of them are Indonesian artists on twitter

that also draw Soul Calibur's Fan art

I used Siegfried and otw learning Mitsurugi
Ponii used Mina and XiangHua
DilaNeko used Groh only ( In this Video )

So I tried a different style for the video as well
First I'll add funny / epic moment clips
I'll still provide some full match videos on the last minute video
So please tell me what you think in the comment

Thanks for letting me using the fanart for the video
Xiang Hua was drawn by Ponii and Groh was drawn by DilaNeko
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