[ Soul Calibur VI ] - Mitsurugi Guide Episode 8 - [ Mitsurugi Season 2 ]

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Apr 9, 2020 at 1:07 AM
Posted by Cupui
Reminder :
SB 236B+K is heavily punishable so be careful using it.
And maybe I forgot to cover some stuff please let me know so
I will add note in the description

Song : The Wind and Clouds [ Mitsurugi's theme Soul Edge ]

Hello, finally I've finished the Mitsurugi's Guide

Sorry for the wait, because they announced the patch 2.11
I decided to hold the guide. I haven't play Soul Calibur for a while,
hope the next DLC will make me want to play again.

Anyway like usual thank you to all Fellow Mitsurugi Player on Discord who find the tech and help me gathering the data.

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Notation Explaination :

Special Thanks and Credits :

HayateEin for the beautiful Mitsurugi's Ansel picture

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