[ Soul Calibur VI ] - Siegfried Guide Episode 7 - [ Dark Legacy and The Art of Stance Roulette ]

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May 7, 2019 at 1:57 PM
Posted by Cupui
This video will contain 1.30 changes about dark legacy
and breakdown for siegfried Stance.

This might be the last video for Siegfried Guide video
I've already share all my knowledge about Siegfried
I hope you learn something.
( Ps: I typo roulette a lot in this video lulz )

I wanna thank you for everyone in Siegfried's Discord
I rarely come to discord and I'm just a silent reader

Thanks to Pantocrator for making the siegfried written guide so I can make the script easier
Thanks to Count Hyuga for sharing my video to siegfried discord channel
Thanks to all siegfried player in discord Sacharja, Heaton, Pyro, Zubaz , and another Siegfried players that I can't remember the names. Your discussion in discord also helping a lot to finish siegfried video series. sometimes I watch your videos on Lixium channel for reference.
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Notation Explaination :

Special Thanks and Credits :
Siegfried Discord : https://discordapp.com/invite/kbDKGpg
It's Over...No, Perhaps it's a new beginning.

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