[ Soul Calibur VI ] Siegfried Ranked Match - Learning the Hard way vs Taki

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Sep 13, 2020 at 11:52 PM
Posted by Cupui
Schtauffen Journal Vol.13 :

Hi ! This is a good matches vs Taki from my previous Stream
I don't have experience fighting Taki so if I did something stupid just
feel free to tell me. I got CE ed too many times lol
Hope You enjoy the video

So the new patch is coming out.
Well that was fast just right after I finished my
guide video I might be do some short visual guide
for the new patches. Siegfried doesn't got many
changes in this patch but Mitsurugi got
some nice addition so I might do some breakdown on it

Hope I can finish it next week

And If you interested on full stream video
you can watch it on stream archive here :

Song Used : Light Circus- Harris Heller

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