[ Soul Calibur VI ] Siegfried vs XiangHua Offline Match - Patch 2.30

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Dec 9, 2020 at 2:03 AM
Posted by Cupui
Schtauffen Journal Vol.14 :

Hello fellow Siegfried player how are you doing?
This is me Siegfried vs XiangHua aka. Ponii on Patch 2.30

It's been a while since I played Soul Calibur VI
long enough so make me forget about b6 Existence lol.
Sorry for the absence, the netcode really held me down from
playing this game. But I still enjoy it offline. I also interested playing Hwang.
Hope I will have a chance to upload his video next time.

I play around with the new update and try some stuff
they buffed some Siegfried move that rarely used
so I tried some of them in this video. Hope this can be
an inspiration.

And If you interested on full stream video
you can watch it on stream archive here :

Song Used : Light Circus- Harris Heller

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