[ Soul Calibur VI ] Siegfried's Base Hold Power

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Jun 10, 2020 at 12:01 AM
Posted by Cupui
Schtauffen Journal Vol.8 :
Hey! it's been a while ( again )

Here's some clips from my latest streams
Hope you enjoy it. I played a good Xiang Hua online
The nickname sounds familiar but I don't remember who is he/she lulz.

Ranting time....
For some reasons the online became worse in my area.
If the online keep getting worse
I don't know when I will back to play this game again.
Now I play SFV a lot because the online experience is much better.
( That's why I forgot to changed the game logo lulz )
Soul Calibur is the first fighting games that introduce me into the FGC
so I want to love this game. Hope it will be fixed another time.

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