SOULCALIBUR II Original Soundtrack

Worse then SCIII but better then SCIV imo. Under the Star of Destiny, is truly a legendary track.
Oh my goodnish...whoever put this here makes me want to hug them. Under the Star of Destiny is my all time SC jam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It sounds like it should be in an action movie or something... its sounds like a dramatic scene in a movie
Hellfire is EPIC. One of the most dramatically composed and powerful tracks in any game ever. It made the final battle with SC II Inferno so memorable, even though the enemy is just a random character moveset plus a fiery aura.
Dang it. Does no one have the exclusive Soul Calibur Soundtrack that came with the strategy guide? There was an intro to "no turning back" and "hubris"! Also Hubris used a real chinese one or two string violin for that album. Shoot if I would have known it was that rare I wouldn't have let my friend have it as a going away present.
This is what I've been talking about :)


Mar 4, 2011 at 11:27 PM
Posted by Jaxel
Complete Japanese soundtrack from Soulcalibur II for the Arcade, Playstation 2, Xbox and Gamecube.
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