SoulCalibur IV Beta Gameplay Intro

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Oct 8, 2018 at 1:05 PM
Posted by AJV
"Welcome back to the stage of History!"
The introduction to my new series of videos focusing on gameplay from the upcoming SoulCalibur 6!

My Lego Soul Calibur 5 Video:

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Over the weekend of Sept. 28th-30st I played the Beta for SoulCalibur 6 and I managed to record some footage from my experience with the game.
As a big fan of the series so I could not miss the this opportunity.
I tried my best to play as some of the other characters
(which you'll see soon) ,so you'll probably be able to tell who I mained (or used to main in the previous installments of the series).

This video will be the only one of this series that I narrated since I wanted to focus more on the gameplay itself. Maybe I will narrate more of my gameplay videos in the future.

Of course I am still am working on my animated projects as well and will continue to do so. Your patience is much appreciated!

As always, I am very grateful for your continued support
and stay tuned for more! :D

"The soul still burns!"
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