Soulcalibur V, Exploring the depths of Guts

Personally I feel guts, is really only useful when not trying to get K.O.d by a 2K or anything of the sort, but in all reality with SC strings, combos, hit confirms and such I never noticed it to make much of an impact. The ONLY thing that I find crazy when having guts, is the red Just Guard where it makes Ukemi JGs a lot more reliable. Yet still not that big of a game changer, other than that, the other notions are still there, and wasn't it confirmed that the new Counter mechanic goes through reversal edge? Or am I mistaken?


Dec 16, 2017 at 6:06 PM
Posted by Marginal
I've been told on The Soul Still Burns Discord that guts or "reverse rage" causes the losing player to have an insurmountable advantage to the point it freezes the winning player mentally due to them being invincible now. I found this notion rather curious, so I played actually paying attention to Guts for the first time. The results may shock you. Not for the faint or heart or SC2 faithful. (People may not be knocked out by a 1K trigger warning.) -- Watch live at
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